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When I was a teenager I was cut-loose, care-free, full of joie de vivre. Irreverent and jocular? Perhaps. I saw life as a joyous romp, in spite of silly, mundane rules laid down by adults. Not like kids today. Kids now have no sense of value or responsibility. They take nothing seriously and think everything is one big joke. Someone needs to explain to them that life is just a blunt-edged club that beats you and beats you and beats you until…well, it just beats you.

Kids today also listen to loud music that is poorly written, lacking in melody, linguistic merit and praises sexual behavior as well as the attendance of unsupervised social events. How as this generation sunk so low? When I was a lad rock n roll was wild, funny – it tapped into the voracious energy we all had! It had poetry, depth. It captured the words we couldn’t find; it put voice to the feelings inside me, found a way to say how Heather MacDonald did, metaphorically, “spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round round.”

And I should also note that initially I thought the lyrics were, “You spin me right round, like a ragged baby.” And I disapproved of spinning and shaking babies, because I had values and morals, unlike kids today.

And fashion. Why, when I was a youngster our fashions were bold! We created a look that was distinctly us – hip, new. Oh sure, the fogies might not have gotten it, but that’s because they were uncool. This is utterly unlike the situation now, where I, having established my understanding of cool, don’t like teen fashions at all! Tight, revealing clothes? Boys wearing pants in an impractical manner in order to accentuate the genital region? When did this happen? How did fashion – usually so sensible and representative of responsible, God-fearing forthrightness – go so wrong?

It’s strange really – sad, even tragic. Kids today are so immoral, irresponsible, disrespectful and fashionably backward, instead of being like we were at their age, which was wild, zany, care-free, irreverent and dressed in bold, uniquely us style.


Blogger leanordjackson85798033 said...

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4:05 AM  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

Not all kids are like that though...some of us still have that in them. We're just not accepted as being "cool". But part of the fun of being the way we are is that we don't care!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Byron MacLymont said...

I was being ironic, looking at the contradiction in the way adults talk about their own youths in contrast with current young 'uns. Synonyms with different connotations.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally prefer to maintain my hearing, and not project myself as a sexual object to the opposite gender. I would much rather my body be a mystery to be earned, rather than have it out in the open to any and everyone.

I take pride in the fact that I have fairly strong personal morals, despite the fact that I steer very clear of any religious affiliation.

I really don't mean to glorify myself; I feel guilty of it although I'm posting anonymously. In any case, perhaps there's some solace in knowing that slightly less than the entire teenage population has fallen so low.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kids today. Kids today.

I'm sure it was not unlike the generation prior to you to use THAT phrase as synonymously and scornfully as you use it today.

Not to say that I don't agree with you, but when you say "kid's today" you are actually referring to the teenagers who are the most "popular," for lack of a better word. If you were to use the term "nerd's today" or "freak's today," you would be talking about an entirely different group of people. Notice that when you set your eyes upon a group of people who are playing Magic or Dungeon's and Dragons, generally these people have morals because they are occupying themselves with something better than drugs, sex, and alcohol. You also don't see them wearing revealing clothing or talking about how they "ravaged the brains out of this one hot bitch last night." Of course, these activities aren't as productive as reading Pride and Prejudice or Hamlet, by any means, but their young. And while I'm not one who is subject to stereotypes, I believe that you are talking about a certain stereotype of "kid's today" and disregarding all the others because they hide in the dark with the hatred of the activites that those "kid's today" engage in.

You are also disregarding the kids who actually do have morals, whether they be christians or not. You have not taken into account the "freaks" or the "nerds," because they certainly aren't known to this world. Do you see MTV displaying people playing video games? Does the media pay ANY attention to the kids who actually HAVE any morals? To kids who are writing poetry or painting at home? No. But trust me, I know plenty that do.

And as for responsibility, that's a wrong assumption to make. Take into account the kids who's families are doing drugs at home. Take into account the fact that some people are not false, and if a class is boring or unsatisfactory, they won't attend or work hard at it just so they can up their GPA to show off for a couple days before nobody cares anymore.

Everything you have said about the "popular" kids is true. I look at them, being their peer and think "kid's today." But there are many kids that I know who I would associate with gladly, because they do not represent these horrible qualities in human beings that you describe so well in a certain stereotype.

These "kid's today" are a very small minority in how many kids there are in the world, because they are "what's in." Like I said before, don't take into account what is well-known. Not the kids you see at South-Seas, or at prom, or in the football fields and cheering nonsense. Strain your eye to find those kids that hide in the corners with their artbooks and poetry books. Maybe then you won't think so terribly of our kid's generation.

^_^ Love ya, Maclymont.

4:33 PM  
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