Okay...maybe not "Jesus"

The other day M and I were in the store and there was a display of video iPods. They sat there, in there unbelievable perfection – perfect lines, perfect white, with the little perfect image on the little two inch screen. I just stared at it the way the natives in old movies stare when the white men show them the “hand held fire-makers” or “talking boxes.” I just kept thinking, ‘but that’s impossible. That much information, on this little thing? It’s impossible.” Trying to figure out how an iPod holds all that information is like trying to figure out how CDs work, or batteries. It makes perfect sense when you just kind of “think about it,” but if you think too long and actually try to imagine how it works, your brain seizes up.

The next sensation – and don’t you judge me- was “I MUST HAVE THIS.” It was weird. I don’t usually crave things that resolutely. Maybe it’s the marketing, maybe it’s the slickness, maybe they’re just that damn cool, I don’t know. But I got it, and I love it. It’s the greatest invention since the wheel, or maybe Jesus. I don’t know what video stuff to put on it because how many movies are there that you want instant access to in tiny picture? I have, like, a share of Apple stock, so I rationalize it to myself that by buying one I’m contributing to my retirement. Until that glorious day when I cash in those $4, though, I’m broke.

I honestly can’t tell if I just really wanted it and love it, or if I was a victim of commercialism. The fact that I suddenly HAD to have it is a bad sign, isn’t it. Hm. Maybe it doesn’t matter. If I could just figure out how to dance in silhouette...